Gerald Krovatin

Krovatin has more than 30 years of experience trying criminal and civil cases.  In 2007, Krovatin joined with former federal prosecutor Henry Klingeman to form Krovatin Klingeman.  Krovatin is a graduate of Columbia College and Rutgers School of Law, Newark. He was admitted as a Fellow to both the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers and the International Academy of Trial Attorneys in 2003.
Krovatin is a past President of the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey. He taught the Criminal Trial Seminar at Rutgers Law School as an Adjunct Professor of Law for four years and is the author of Caution Flags For Corporate Managers, 12 Cardozo Law Review 1291 (1991).
“Gerry Krovatin stands out as one of the field’s best-known and accomplished attorneys.” – Ten Leaders
“Northern New Jersey’s leading independent practitioner” – Ten Leaders
“One of New Jersey’s A-list lawyers” – Star Ledger
“In the public drama that is New Jersey law and politics, Krovatin is one of the lead actors.” – Star Ledger
“Gerald Krovatin is ‘a very talented man and a very sophisticated trial lawyer who tries a nice case.’ He is held in very high regard by his peers for his white-collar and civil work and is known as a ‘fabulous trial lawyer who is respected in the federal courts.'” –Chambers
“The Real Deal” – Star Ledger

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